Hello CYQ4!

Usually at the beginning of the 4th quarter we encourage teams to think back on the year and list ‘lessons learned’.  These are useful for budgeting, near term planning and adjusting longer term strategies.

What have we learned in 2020?

We learned that 2020 has been unpredictable and challenging.

Despite many months of working apart and virtual meetings, we were brought together in many ways due to the collective struggle.  From this, we learned:

  • some people have a stronger need for human interactions
  • we must come together when we define goals so that we can tailor budgets and redistribute funding where it can be most impactful
  • meetings are not for instructing and are better used for group-think
  • walking meetings and virtual gatherings can be a refreshing change from the conference room
  • travel time and travel expense may be forever reduced if virtual recruitment, virtual orientation and virtual educational conferences provide choice, flexibility, and effective details
  • distributed workforces create room for enhanced diversity
  • organizations don’t always need an employee if they can find an essential contributor in the form of a project-based consultant or contractor



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