2022 Growth Planning

Regardless of the size of your organization, private practices and nonprofits need to:

  1. re-evaluate revenue opportunities,
  2. rearrange priorities, and
  3. create a more agile approach.

The economic fallout from the pandemic era is undeniable. A failure to refresh and update growth plans and goals could be devasting. It is NOT time to go back to your pre-pandemic plan. Moving forward without at least a few sessions questioning and re-writing your goals and plan to achieve them is akin to continuing maintenance on an old commercial building. It is costly and will never result in a modern-upgraded space.

2022 can be a strategy year. A year to set the pace. A year to rearrange and remove uncertainty. A positive trajectory and connected team are essential. Begin with an open roundtable discussion. Start now.

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Envision Better Health LLC is a Florida-based consulting team that designs strategies, collaborations, compensation plans and other practical solutions for providers, nonprofits, and similar businesses.

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