Affiliate Contracts Post COVID-19: What Have We Learned?

Clinicians and scientists are collaborating worldwide to study and react to the COVID-19 outbreak. This raises the issue of formal and informal affiliations.

Affiliate relationships are critical in complex industries like health care. Health systems and physician practices have many administrative and clinical collaborations to manage service lines, exclusively cover hospital departments, teach residents, and provide specialty services.

Strategic affiliations strengthen capabilities, increase patient acquisition and enhance consumer perception.

Careful review of existing relationships will result in data.  Do you have a single source to review affiliate data to ensure the organization is meeting the goals set forth when the relationship started and what next steps should look like?

What has your team learned from the recent pandemic that needs to be translated into contractual relationships?

Do you need to amend agreements to address a national crisis or executive orders that will impact the services outlined in the document?

Is it practical to rely on standard force majeure or “acts of God” provisions if the contract is focused on clinical services? Exclusive services?

What have we learned from the COVID-19 crisis that can help improve these affiliations for unknown scenarios in the future?

Let us know how you are updating your affiliation and services agreements.  What have we learned from the COVID-19 crisis and shut down that should be included with new or updated partnerships? How can we help improve these collaborations and affiliations for routine services and unknown scenarios in the future?


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